Telangana Land Prices To Go Up

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana government had decided to increase the value of land in the state and orders have been passed in this effect. With this new order, the market value of the agricultural, non-agricultural lands, and other properties is going to be increased.  The value of agricultural land has been increased by 50 percent. The minimum value of agricultural land per acre has been fixed at Rs.75,000. The minimum value for open plot per square yard has been fixed at Rs. 200. The minimum value per square foot for an apartment has been fixed at Rs. 1000. Though some of the people have already booked slots for registrations, the government made it clear that they have to pay the revised prices. The new price rates are going to come into effect from July 22nd.

So, scores of people went to the Sub-Registrar’s offices so that they can pay old prices. The value of land in Telangana has been increased in 2013. Since then, the state government has not increased the value of the land. From the last seven years, same land rates have been fixed. The government intends to increase the market value of lands and properties in the state. The sub-committee that has been set up by the Cabinet to study this made several suggestions to the government to increase the value of agricultural, non-agricultural, and other properties. Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has issued orders.

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