Telangana: Himayatsagar, Osmansagar Reservoirs No Longer Source Of Drinking Water

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The Telangana State government issued an order to remove restrictions pertaining to a government order (G.O.) 111, dated March 8, 1996. The state government withdrew a GO protecting the historic Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar reservoirs in Hyderabad. According to the order, the two reservoirs are no longer the source of drinking water supply to Hyderabad city. The decision was taken based on water usage details given by HMWSSB. When the GO 111 was issued, two reservoirs account for only 27.59% of the installed capacity of drinking water.

On March 8, 1996, the government of undivided Andhra Pradesh issued GO 111 prohibiting development or construction works in the catchment area of the Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar lakes up to a radius of 10 km. 

The GO stated, "However, since the total installed capacity of drinking water for Hyderabad has grown up from 145 mgd to 602 mgd and an additional 344 mdg is also under execution, as a result, the dependability of these reservoirs is less than 1.25%."

Telangana CM KCR in Assembly said that the people of Hyderabad will no longer depend on these two reservoirs for water supply, and there was no need to continue with the restrictions on development in the catchment radius. Hyderabad's daily drinking water demand has risen to about 600 million gallons per day (MGD), with water coming from a variety of sources, including the Krishna river; water from the two reservoirs accounts for just around 1% of the daily need.

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