Angry High Court Serves Ultimatum To Telangana Govt On COVID-19 Non-Compliance

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Telangana High Court on Monday expressed outrage over the state government for its failure to implement its orders for controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the state and also for misleading the public with media bulletins.

In one of the strongest strictures, the high court said that it is the last chance for the government to comply with its orders and warned the officials with stern action if they failed to implement the court orders this time.  

The high court has also directed the principal and chief secretaries of the state's medical, health and municipal administration departments to appear before it on July 28.

The HC instructed the state government one more time to incorporate comprehensive details in its health bulletin on coronavirus. A revamp of the Telangana Health Department website was also ordered in this context. 

In directions given to the district collectors in Telangana, the High Court directed them to disclose district-wise details of COVID-19 cases.

In a slew of orders, it also asked the government to disclose full details of the medical tests conducted on primary contacts besides seeking information on the Rapid Test Centres in the state.

The HC ordered the government to ensure that people do not attend weddings and funerals in large numbers. The helpline number set up for complaints should be extensively publicised, the HC added.

The court had, on several earlier occasions, made strong remarks that the state government had grossly neglected public safety and left the people of the state to their fate. The high court questioned the government on why it should not take action against officials who do not comply with its orders.

“Why is it that Telangana is far behind states like Andhra Pradesh and Delhi in terms of conducting COVID-19 tests? Why is the state government not disclosing hospital-wise details on beds and ventilators available?” the high court fumed.

Expressing its severe anger over authorities, the high court remarked that they were deliberately hiding the facts and asserted that knowing the information is a fundamental right of the people.

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