Telangana Govt Yet To Implement Saddimuta Scheme For Mahbubnagar Farmers

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana Government is turning a blind eye to the basic needs of farmers in the State. Saddimuta scheme started two years ago, is not yet implemented in Mahbubnagar district. As part of this programme, agriculture market committee officials would provide Rs 5-a-meal. The meal will include rice, dal, pickle and three types of curries.

While the State government has been implementing the Annapurna scheme at the canteens set up in Mahbubnagar town, it seems to have completely forgotten the Saddimuta programme. Around two years ago, the scheme was launched by the Marketing Department amidst much fanfare with the sole objective of providing Rs 5 meals to farmers who come to markets yards to sell their produce. As per the initial plan, the responsibility of implementing the scheme was to be handover to NGOs. 

The executive committee of Devarakadra Market Yard too urged the Marketing Department of the district to launch the scheme, following which the department arranged for a visit by NGOs to the market yard. However, one year after that visit, there has been no progress. 

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