Telangana Govt Exempts ecommerce, Food Delivery Staff From Lockdown Rules

 - Sakshi Post

The State government has imposed a strict lockdown throughout the city and not allowing the people to hit the road unnecessarily. DGP Mahender Reddy directed to seize the vehicles if found plying for no valid reason and they will be released only after the lockdown period is lifted. “I request only those with medical emergencies to come out. Some people are moving out carrying old prescriptions and hospital documents. Their vehicles will also be seized and cases will be booked against them,” he said. However, since Saturday, police have stopped these e-commerce vehicles delivering Swiggy, Zomato, and others in several areas.

Police suggest that those traveling in a car, car or two-wheeler during lockdown must have their passes. Otherwise, a fine will be imposed. Those who are in a medical emergency should bring their medical records with them.DGP Mahendra Reddy on Sunday conducted a review with three police commissioners in the city. Issued the latest guidelines for enforcing a strict lockdown.

Check Out the New guideline list:

Movement of goods vehicles is permitted only from 9 pm to 8 am

Doctors and emergency service providers are permitted without inspection.

Nurses, hospital employees, sweepers, pharmacists, lab technicians, hospital supervisors, and medical store employees should all have their IDs on them.

Vehicles will be seized if they are discovered moving for no reason and will be released only after the lockdown is lifted.

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