Telangana Govt Deposits 9th Tranche of Rythu Bandhu Into Farmers' Accounts

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As of Wednesday, 36.3 lakh farmers had received deposits from the state government totaling Rs 1,820.75 crore for the ninth season of the "Rythu Bandhu" investment support scheme. Farmers have received Rs 50,448 crore in the last eight tranches of the scheme, with the ninth tranche set to provide Rs 7,508 crore.

Agriculture Minister S. Niranjan Reddy refuted claims made by opposition parties and said that around 92.5% of Rythu Bandhu plan beneficiaries were small and marginal farmers with fewer than 10 acres of land. He requested that the Rythu Bandhu plan be implemented nationwide by the BJP-led government at the national level.

The minister said that the BJP-run states were neglecting the welfare of farmers and giving them a smaller share of the state budget than the national average of 6% to 6%. 11.5 percent of the budget has been set aside by the TRS government for agriculture and related sectors.
If the BJP-led government at the Centre has any morality left over, it must release the pending amount of Rs 7183.71 crore due to Telangana since the state's formation, "he added.

The Minister launched the AEO mobile app, which is designed to assist Agriculture Extension Officers in maintaining information on farmers and crops being grown, among other things. He suggested that the authorities encourage farmers to grow horticulture crops, particularly during the Yasangi (Rabi) season, which runs from October to May. In order to educate them on the growing of lucrative crops, he also wanted them to do field trips and engage with farmers.

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