Telangana Government Stops Covid Vaccination Drive Over Dasara Holidays

 - Sakshi Post

The Telangana Government has announced that it will stop Covid-19 vaccination in the state for four days. The state health department said that the vaccination holidays are from October 14 to 17. 

In the month of October, the state government has already declared 5 holidays on five Sundays and now there are 4 more days where people cannot get vaccinated. The government recently decided to continue the vaccination drive in order to complete vaccinating the people with both doses. 

Against this backdrop, Dasara holidays for medical staff were cancelled, and in rural areas they are conducting door-to-door vaccination drives till midnight. However, the people living there are not interested in taking the vaccine before the festival as they will suffer a fever if vaccinated, which will spoil their festival plans. 

Under these circumstances, the government has announced holidays for the vaccination drive. Till date, a total of 2.03 crore people have been vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid vaccine in the state, and around 79 lakh people have been administered with the second dose. 

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