Telangana Government Staff Protest After PRC Recommends Insufficient Salary Hike

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Government employees in Telangana are unhappy with the decisions taken by the Pay Revision Commission (PRC). According to the PRC report, it was recommended that there will be a 7.5 per cent salary hike over basic pay.

Disappointed with this report, the government employees protested against it, on Wednesday. They raised banners and slogans and also burned the PRC’s report during their protest in front of the temporary secretariat BRK Bhavan.

The employees said that they require at least a 43 percent salary hike and no less than that. They had expectations of 35 per cent to 40 per cent fitment and the PRC recommendations are nowhere near it. Calling it the Pay ‘Reduction’ Commission, the Employees Union leaders said that they did not expect such a disappointing report from them.

The employee leaders met the committee head, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar and spoke about their demands. If a necessary hike is not given, they will have to go on strike. The leaders said that formation of the Telangana state gave them hope for a better treatment and reasonable salary, but the pay Revision Commission did not meet any of their expectations. PRC was formed in May 2018 and their first recommendation was a disappointment.

Now the employees only have their faith in Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. They hope that KCR will not accept these recommendations. TNGO president Mamilla Rajender also said that he has laid his hopes in KCR now. The CM will give a good hike to 9.35 lakh employees, said Rajender.

Rajender continues that the PRC has just given their recommendations. It is not necessary that the state government accepts it. The TNGO president said, “We are unable to grasp the fact that the Revision Commission would recommend a hike of 7.5 percent. This would in fact decrease our pay. How did the Committee even arrive at this number? This is embarrassing.”

The opposition parties are bashing the state government TRS and the decisions they are making. After their decision regarding procurement centres that shocked the farmers, they are now doing such things with the PRC report. This is disappointing.

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