Telangana Farmer Saves 2 Lakhs For Treatment, Rats Nibble Them Off

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A tragic event happened with a vegetable seller in Mahabubabad district, Vemunur village where all the money he saved was ruined by rats. The farmer earned and saved at least Rs 2 lakh and kept all the money safe in a bag but one day, he was struck with grief and shock when he opened the bag and saw the money all chewed up.

The money was kept in a cotton bag inside an almirah. The farmer was saving it for his surgery. Some time ago, Redya Naik was diagnosed with an abdominal lump. He had a severe stomach ache for a long time so the farmer decided to go for a checkup. After discovering a lump in his abdomen, naik was asked by the doctors in Mahabubabad hospital to go to Hyderabad. His surgery there would cost Rs 4 lakh, so the poor farmer started saving for it.

He saved some from selling vegetables and borrowed some from the relatives. It was all Rs 500 denomination. Naik goes around selling vegetables on his motorbike. One day when he checked the bag, he saw that all the money was chewed by rats. Most of it was shredded and the remaining notes had holes in them. It was not at all usable.

Naik tried his luck and went to the bank in order to explain his situation and tried requesting them to exchange the notes. But even after trying at many banks, the answer was the same. No one was ready to accept the notes. After all his efforts in Mahabubabad were wasted, the farmer was advised by someone to go to Hyderabad and approach RBI.

The rules with the Reserve Bank of India and their exchange policies might be of some help to him. But even that is highly unlikely as there is no provision for rodent-eaten notes.

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