Telangana to Experience Both Heatwave and Torrential Rains

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Heatwaves and thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and gusty winds are likely to occur at isolated places over Telangana in the next few days with most parts reporting maximum temperatures of 40 degrees Celcius. 

Parts of the Hyderabad city saw an unprecedented rainfall of 72.8 mm in one hour, and after the sudden downpour, many areas saw waterlogging and minor inundation.

The temperature in the city dropped due to the rains, which brought much relief to the citizens in Hyderabad who have been facing sweltering summers over the past few days. The maximum temperature in Hyderabad has been over 40ºC, and due to the rains, the average temperature was around 34 ºC around 12PM on Wednesday. 

On Tuesday, Telangana reported an average maximum temperature of 40ºC and above in most places, with Nalgonda recording the highest temperature at 43.5ºC.

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