Telangana ENT Hospitals Witness Huge Increase In Black Fungus Cases

 - Sakshi Post

Black fungus cases first reported in the Koti ENT hospital at Hyderabad, has witnessed an increase in number of cases across Telangana in the past week.

Earlier, Telangana had reported 90 black fungus cases and now, according to some sources, the cases have increased more than 200.

According to the ENT doctors at Koti Hospital, black fungus patients who underwent surgery in corporate hospitals are opting for post-surgery treatment at ENT hospitals. Adding further they say that people are inclined to get admitted to government hospitals.

Government health facilities have important antifungal medicines like Liposomal Amphotericin B and Posaconazole. These medications are in short supply on the market, so private hospitals must submit an online request to obtain them which causes a delay in treatment. 

The Government ENT Hospital has 200 beds and 215 patients with Black Fungus was admitted until Saturday evening. Around 20 of the 215 patients were shifted from private hospitals. A few beds are set aside for patients who have a severe fungal infection and require immediate treatment. Dr T. Shankar, the hospital's superintendent, stated that operations on patients were being performed on a high priority basis. Patients are discharged after six days of post-surgery treatment and after assessing the patients’ condition, they are discharged and antifungal medications are prescribed for 20 days.

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