Telangana: COVID Protocols During Bakrid, Bonalu

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To avoid Covid third wave the state health department on Saturday cautioned people to follow Covid guidelines during Bonalu and Bakrid festivals which brings a huge crowd together. The Director of Public Health (DPH) Dr. G Srinivasa Rao said that if people are careless by not following COVID protocols during festivals, marriages, and mass gatherings then "everybody has to pay a heavy price".

Adding he said " Let me warn you that the decline of Covid has been slow in some parts of the State. It’s not over yet. These conditions are not favourable and are very encouraging for the Covid situation. Only public contribution by actively following Covid appropriate behaviour will help in prevention/mitigation of the third wave."

The DPH advised those who actively participate in festivals, weddings, and public gatherings to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, use sanitizers, and keep their physical distance.

Dr. Rao warned " I appeal to the devotees, organizers, and public, who all are participating in festivals to follow the above precautions. Especially Potharajus, Pujaris, Rangam devatas, and staff of various temples have to be careful. We should remember that huge gatherings like these have triggered the second wave of Covid. This is the season of many festivals and auspicious time for functions (marriages etc), wherein, if people are careless, we have to pay a heavy price."

People who develop suspected Covid symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, headache, bodily pains, throat pain, loss of taste and smell must be isolated at home promptly, even if other family members are not affected.

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