Telangana: Consumer Gets Rs 2.10 Lakh Power Bill

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A resident of Raghunadha Palem was shocked after receiving an unusually high electricity bill of Rs 2.10 lakh that was generated for December 2019.

He revealed all the details at a press conference on Wednesday. Venkanna, a resident of Raghunadha Palem in Telangana said that he had approached the electricity department officials over the huge bill generated for December 2019 and asked them to sort the issue.

He alleged that instead of solving the issue, officials threatened to stop power supply to his house if he failed to pay the bill.

He alleged that the authorities had asked him to pay Rs 50,000 to cancel the entire bill. Venkanna told the official that he had already paid some amount of the bill, but officials warned him that they would stop the power supply to their house if he fails to pay Rs 50,000 as demanded by them.

He also alleged that electricity officials were non-cooperative when he asked them to look into the issue.

Venkanna had filed a complaint about it at Raghunadha Palem police station and brought the issue to the notice of the CMD of the power department. He said that the consumer forum had given a stay over the electricity bill and directed authorities to look into the bill.

Responding to the issue, electricity department assistant engineer (AE) Ramesh said that a special meter reading team inspected the readings of three metres in his home and released the bill, and he was asked to pay Rs 53,000. He said the bill for three meters from Venkanna's house was around Rs 60,000 last June.

Ramesh said that if there is a problem with the wiring in the house or any problem with the inverter connection, the bill may be higher. The meters were tested and it was reported that there was nothing wrong with them.

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