Telangana Clampdown Hits Drug Peddlers Hard

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Over the last one week, the Telangana task police are on high alert to catch drug peddlers across the state. The special team was appointed by Cheif Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to clamp down drug cartels, local and interstate, and to bring them to book. 

As per police report, around 1000 cases have been registered against the ganja smugglers and peddlers across the state in the last week during raids. In Hyderabad, the city police formed special squads to work with the Prohibition and Excise Department to pursue organised gangs involved in bulk and retail marijuana and other narcotic transactions.

Police in Hyderabad and its environs have also increased their vigilance against drug cartels, detaining people involved in ganja-related offences.

"Special operations are being carried out, and those involved in ganja cases and selling tobacco goods are being apprehended.  We are also using the PD Act against people involved in narcotics crimes," stated City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar.

The police are also in touch with the Drug Control Administration to ensure that people do not turn to substance abuse as a result of the crackdown on marijuana and tobacco goods (DCA). Cyberabad Commissioner M Stephen Raveendra stated that conversations with senior DCA officials were undertaken to control substance abuse. "Together, we will raise pharmacist awareness and increase our activities," he stated.

For the unversed, the punishment for consumption of drugs like cocaine, morphine and heroin attracts rigorous will be imprisonment for one year or a fine up to Rs 20,000 or both. And for other drugs, the punishment is imprisonment up to six months or a fine up to Rs 10,000 or both.

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