Telangana Assembly Monsoon Session Postponed Over Rains

 - Sakshi Post

The Telangana Government has postponed the Monsoon sessions and declared holidays for three days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the Assembly and Council owing to the heavy rains in the State.

The State government on Monday had declared a holiday for schools and educational institutions and government offices on Tuesday. As per sources, a three-day holiday was given to Telangana Assembly and Legislative Council as well.

The Government has also issued GOMS 2191 declaring a holiday for schools and educational institutions on Monday evening. The State legislature’s eighth session is primarily to continue till October 5.

The monsoon session of the Assembly will be discussing the issues related to the  Dalit Bandhu scheme, agriculture, information technology, and industry which make up a total of ten items. 

Besides this, the Opposition Congress party has raised concerns over 12 topics like unemployment, Dalits, Krishna Godavari waters, education, agriculture-forest rights law, agriculture, medicine-health, Dharani portal, essentials-price rise, peacekeeping, drugs, and alcohol-excise. Whether the government will formalize these ideas in this session of the Assembly is to be known yet. 

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