Telangana Assembly: BJP MLA Etela Suspended For Calling Speaker Robot,Taken Into Police Custody?

Etela Rajender Suspended From Telangana Assembly For Comments on Speaker - Sakshi Post

Telangana Assembly Sessions Day 3: Huzurabad BJP MLA Etela Rajender was suspended on the third day of the  Telangana Assembly Monsoon sessions on Tuesday for commenting that Speaker Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy was functioning like a robot. As per his Twitter account, the BJP MLA was forcibly taken into a Police jeep even though he had his own vehicle. Whether he has been arrested or taken into custody is yet to be confirmed.

On the third day, Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy who issued the resolution requesting the Speaker to suspend the Etela Rajender from Assembly said that it was wrong on the BJP MLA’s part to make such t remarks against the Speaker. He demanded that if EtelaRajender had to continue in the Assembly he should tender an apology to the Speaker.

In the course of the Assembly Session, Etela Rajender said that the Speaker was functioning like a robot and had forgotten the rules of the House. " The Chief Minister has no right to trounce the rules. You may try to escape by conducting the Assembly and discussing issues related to public affairs for five minutes. But you cannot escape the public elections, he said.  Chief Whip Vinay Bhasker intervened and asked the BJP MLA to take back his comments.

Reacting to the suspension orders, Etela asked why he was not being given an opportunity to speak. “ Are you threatening me ?” he asked. "During erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, the Assembly was conducted for 80,90 days. Even during the Telangana movement, the Assembly was conducted for 20 days and during the monsoon sessions, but how is that now the Assembly sessions were being conducted only for three days," Etela stated in reference to the Speaker Pocharam in the Assembly.

The Assembly Marshals were called to escort the BJP MLA out of the hall leading to a mild tussle between them. Etela was asked to get into a police vehicle to which he took objection. "How can you arrest me after my suspension, the BJP MLA said. This is completely outrageous and unjust, the MLA decried. Will you arrest me even if I want to go home, he asked the police there and demanded that he be sent to the party office, but instead was taken into a police jeep.

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