Telangana: Action Against Private Hospitals Demanding Daily Clearance Of Medical Bills

 - Sakshi Post

The private hospitals in the state have to follow the price guidelines that were fixed during the first wave of Covid-19, said Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajender

The State government issued orders last year ordering private hospitals to charge Rs 4,000 per day for isolation services for mild Covid-19 positive patients, Rs 7,500 per day for positive patients who need ICU but not ventilator support, and Rs 9,000 per day for critical Covid-19 positive patients who need both ICU and ventilator support.

Addressing the media, Rajender said that "To reduce the burden on private hospitals, we did not put a price cap on medicines and many other healthcare services and had left it to them. However, for certain services, private hospitals must stick to the price that was set by the State government".

He added, "There are other hospitals which are demanding daily clearance of medical bills. The health department is tracking these complaints and action will be taken at an appropriate time".

On the question of Covid vaccine pricing, the Health Minister said it was unreasonable for the Centre to ask states to buy vaccines at different prices. He said, "The Centre has clearly forgotten its responsibility. It’s unfair to make state governments responsible for holding negotiations with pharma companies for procurement of Covid vaccines and end up paying a lot for each vaccine dose. It is the responsibility of the Centre to negotiate and procure vaccines for States "

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