Telangana: 40K Caution Deposit to Rent Oxygen Concentrators In Karimnagar, Sircilla

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In the second wave of coronavirus, the demand for medical oxygen has increased. The oxygen concentrator has come to the rescue of many and it is a sought after device now. Oxygen Concentrators can be operated at home.

An oxygen concentrator takes in air and separates the oxygen from the air and delivers it to a person through a nasal cannula. Air comprises 79% nitrogen and 95% oxygen. The oxygen concentrators come with a variety of specifications. The cost of these range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 90,000. The most important thing to look into is the quality of oxygen, the machine is delivering.

Most of the people are purchasing oxygen concentrators. Now, private hospitals in Karimnagar and Sircilla are advising people to use oxygen at home for a few days after they have been discharged from the hospital. As a result, the demand for the purchase of portable oxygen concentrators has increased and it in turn, resulted in black marketeers charging exorbitantly for the machines. According to reports, some of them are charging Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 per day and are also demanding a deposit amount of Rs. 40,000 per machine.

Karimnagar District Collector, K Shashanka has urged people not to worry about beds. He further added that, "There are 280 beds fitted with oxygen supply equipment. Out of 40 ventilators, 30 are available for COVID-19 treatment."

Sircilla District Collector D Krishna Bhaskar said, "Firms like Bharat Pharma, Trident Corporation and TCS have been planning to install a 5 KL oxygen plant in the district soon."

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