Teenmaar Mallanna Is A Big Fraudster, Says Q News Channel Bureau Chief

 - Sakshi Post

Q Channel Chief Bureau, Spokesperson Chiluka Praveen made sensational comments against Teenmaar Mallanna. He accused Mallanna of large-scale corruption and he is cheating the people of Telangana. He alleged that Mallanna went invisible during the last elections. He lashed out at Mallanna and said that he is working hand in glove with KCR. He said that Mallanna has taken lakhs of money from Congress and BJP. He said that Mallanna conducted Padayatras and has taken money from Bandi Sanjay and Arvind. He said that Mallanna tried to take money from Seethakka as well but she didn't care him. He commented that he made deals with the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and said that he is running the news channel only with the support of the former CM of AP.

He further added that Teenmaar Mallanna belongs to the Munnuru Kapu community and most of the people who are working in the news channel belong to that community. Praveen alleged that Mallanna is taking money from the leaders in the name of social activities. He further added that Mallanna who criticises KCR all the time works in favour of KCR only.

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