Techies Not Keen On Returning to Office Here's Why

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HYDERABAD: As the Covid situation has shifted again, many offices are calling back their employees to do work from the office. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, many offices were shut and all the employees were given Work From Home (WFH). But now things are slowly shifting back to normal and offices are keen on bringing back the employees.

But it is not as easy as you think. If you are a native of the place, it might take only a few days to make arrangements and adjust back to the office, although this is not the case for those who come from different cities and villages to work in an MNC. Talking about Hyderabad, if you see, we have many IT companies. The city is a hub for some of the major MNCs and IT companies.

Many come to Hyderabad to work at these MNCs. They take up jobs in the IT sector and rent a stay here. But all this obviously requires a lot of preparation. A few IT companies have asked their employees to Return To Office (RTO). This cannot happen so easily. The employees have to come back from their hometown.

A nationwide lockdown was announced in March last year after which the companies had no choice but to go for Work from Home. As the situation did not get better and there was no hope that it will take a turn real soon, many companies announced WFH for a really long time. Some MNCs declared WFH till mid-2021, last year itself. These employees have been doing WFH for a long time and even for the native ones, it is difficult to come back to the office so suddenly, then the ones staying outside are out of the question.

The problem is that, since the WFH was going to continue for a long time, many went back to their hometowns. Coming back means, they need to search for accommodation, food, travel, and arrange for other things as well. They need to arrange things for their kids and their studies back home before coming to Hyderabad.

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