This TDP Man Has T BJP In His Grip

 - Sakshi Post

Normally, the BJP working style does not allow outsiders to gain an upper hand in the party affairs. See what it has done to Sujana Chowdary, who came from the TDP and wanted to control the party in Andhra Pradesh. The party sent clear signals that he cannot dictate terms by making his bête noire Somu Veerraju the party president.

But in Telangana, the exact reverse is happening. Garikapati Mohana Rao, who is a former Rajya Sabha MP and a Telugu Desam leader, is calling the shots in the party. The newly elected president Bandi Sanjay is said to be completely dependent on him for any key decision.

Even in the recent party rejig, several of the office bearers are his protégés. Sources say, Bandi Sanjay has obliged him in giving the party posts. Two vice presidents, one secretary, and a spokesperson are said to be Garikapati’s men. Compare this to the fate of other immigrants like DK Aruna and Peddireddy. They did not get any key post for either themselves or for their supporters.

Sources say Garikapati is calling the shots in the Telangana BJP politics. Leaders like Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh have to learn a lot from him in this respect. 

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