Suryapet Mother's Chilli Powder Punishment Answer To Curb Ganja Addiction Among Youth?

Video: Infuriated Over Son’s Cannabis Addiction, Telangana Woman Rubs Chilli Powder in His Eyes - Sakshi Post

SURYAPET: A video of a woman from Kodad in the Suryapet district of Telangana rubbing chili powder in her son’s eyes as punishment for his ganja (cannabis) addiction has gone viral on social media. The video also sparked a debate questioning the mother’s act as going overboard and others stating that rubbing chili powder in children’s eyes is a common punishment in the Telugu states.

But what triggered the mother’s fury to punish her 15-year-old son came into question as also the growing problem of drug addiction among youth in the state.

The boy’s parents were from a poor family. His father Venkaiah was plying a rickshaw and the mother in question- Ramanamma was a daily wage worker. The couple has a daughter and a son. While the girl was married, their 15-year-old son was at staying at home. He used to go to school before the lockdown (two years ago) but then dropped out of school by 8th grade. The boy is said to have gotten into a bad circle and the parents found out about his addiction to marijuana a year ago. They reprimanded him and despite repeated warnings, he did not mend his ways.

The boy, who had recently left home and had returned ten days later on Monday morning and that too in a drugged state. Angered by his behavior the irate mother tied him to a pole in front of the house and beat him. Not stopping there she rubbed chili powder in his eyes and that left the boy screaming in pain. The woman untied her son only after he promised to give up the habit of smoking ganja.  A neighbor is said to have taken the video and shared it on social media. Local police have registered a case against the mother of the boy.

Speaking to the media the hapless mother explained why she had to resort to such an act. “ My son has stopped going to school since the pandemic started. He has been addicted to marijuana for over a year. He consumes ganja and ends up falling on the road. There have been many days when my husband and I went in search of the boy and brought him back home at the night. We don’t who to complain and it doesn’t matter who you complain to. I had no choice but to mete out such a severe punishment under these circumstances in the hope that it would bring a change in the boy," the boy's mother lamented.

The drug menace in the state has become rampant whether it is in the rural areas or the urban areas. The Telangana government is on a major drive to curb the drug menace in the state over the past month.  The recent drug raid by the law enforcement agencies in Raddison Blu hotel in Hyderabad showed the extent of cocaine and other forms of drug consumption among the city youth.

Taking a serious note of the increasing incidents of ganja smuggling and reports of ganja cultivation in the rural areas, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has asked the administration to clamp down on the supply of contraband across the State. He also took a serious note of Hyderabad becoming a major hub for drugs like heroin, coming from Goa, Nigeria, and other places.

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