State Assembly Discusses Preservation of Mudumal Menhirs Site

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Breakthrough for Jai Makthal Trust     Legislative Affairs Minister assures to take up the issue with concerned Minister     Mudumal residents elated over the development     Residents felicitate Jai Makthal Trust president Sundeep Makthala  

Hyderabad: Jai Makthal Trust which has been spearheading the cause of preservation of ancient menhirs site at Mudumal in Narayanpet district achieved a milestone on Tuesday when the issue of conservation of mehirs site was discussed in the State Assembly. The Minister of Legislative Affairs Vemula Prashant Reddy informed the Assembly that conservation of ancient site will be taken up and added that he would take up the matter with concerned Minister. Elated over the development, residents of Mudumal felicitated Sundeep Makthala for his continuous efforts for preserving the ancient site and making efforts to get the World Heritage Site tag.

Mudumal ancient site was used as an astronomical observatory in ancient times. Subsequently it was neglected . Menhirs site shows history and ancient cultures. In 1952, a team of researchers lead by FR Allchin from Cambridge University studied menhirs site. But the ancient site was neglected again as no concrete measures were taken to protect the site. Realizing  the importance of ancient site, Sundeep Kumar Makthala president of TITA & Jai Makthal Trust discussed with the residents of Mudumal the measures to be taken to preserve the historical place of importance.

Sundeep Makthala discussed the issue with Prof K Pulla Rao from University of Hyderabad who was researching on Menhirs conservation since 2004. The Jai Makthal Trust recently submitted a memorandum along with a detailed report about the steps to be taken to develop the ancient site to Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy and Telangana State Tourism Minister Srinivas Goud.

The Trust members also appraised the Ministers about efforts being taken up to get UNESCO World Heritage Site tag to the ancient site.

Recently Sundeep Makthala arranged a tour of the ancient site for students and teachers from 26 schools from the district with his own expenses. Popular poet Ande Sri, Agri Scientist Jalapati Rao and a few techies from Hyderabad were also taken to the site.

The continuous efforts of Trust for the past 3 months for recognition and preservation of the ancient site bore fruits with the issue being discussed in the State Assembly.

Residents of Mudumal felicitated  Jai Makthal Trust chief Sundeep Makthala saying that it was due to his efforts that the issue was diacussed in State Assembly. The residents invited Makthala to the site and felicitated him on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, K Anjappa, the farmer who surrendered his land, where menhirs stand, to the government said that it was due to Jai Makthala Trust's efforts that the issue of preservation of ancient site gained traction. He said that despite surrendering his land he did not get enough compensation and hoped that the government would do justice to him.

Speaking on the occasion, Sundeep Makthala said the Jai Makthal Trust efforts for the last three months paid off with the issue being discussed in the State Assembly and that it was a proud moment for the Trust and the residents of Mudumal. He said that the Trust would make efforts to get the UNESCO World Heritage Site tag to the ancient site. He said that the Trust will be taking up various initiatives in education, health for the betterment of the Makthal constituency citizens. He said committees would be formed at the grassroots to take up various development activities and invited interested candidates to join them.

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