Somajiguda: YS Sharmila Drives Damaged Car For Pragathi Bhavan Siege, Towed Away

High Drama Near Somajiguda as Hyderabad Traffic Police Stop YSRCTP Leader Sharmila - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: YSRTP leader YS Sharmila was detained by the Hyderabad Police on Tuesday after she attempted to drive her car which was allegedly damaged by the TRS activists towards the Pragathi Bhavan in a bid to lay siege to the CM Camp office.

YS Sharmila who was driving the car herself towards the Pragathi Bhavan was stopped by the police on the busy road near Yashoda Hospital at Somajiguda. This caused a major traffic jam on the road which connects to the Somajiguda circle. The YSRTP leader expressed her ire at the police officials as to why they were stopping her when she was raising her voice against injustice and corruption. Sitting in her car the YSRTP leader said that when the TRS leaders had attacked her car no one stopped them, however, they were stopping her from reaching the CM Camp office to protest. Instead of taking action against those who burnt her bus and vandalized her car, she was being detained, the leader said.

It may be recollected a  group of TRS workers, raising slogans in support of TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, allegedly attacked her convoy to protest against her alleged comment against TRS lawmaker from Narsampet constituency Peddireddy Sudershan Reddy on Monday evening. TRS workers attacked YS Sharmila’s convoy and set fire to a bus that she used to spend the night and rest during the day. The cars of some YSRTP leaders were also vandalised in the attack. This led to clashes between the two groups. She was later taken into custody by the Warangal police and shifted to Hyderabad. Her party workers staged a demonstration and blocked the roads, leading the police to use force to disperse them.

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Meanwhile, as she refused to get down from the car the Hyderabad police towed her vehicle away using a Traffic tow truck, even though she was sitting in the car.  A few of the YSR Telangana Party leaders are also seen in the car. Her Innova car was taken to the SR Nagar Traffic Police station and as per the latest reports, she has locked her car and continues to sit in protest in the car. Police are trying to speak to her and convince her to alight from the vehicle and the leader has kept the windows also closed.The police forcibly opened the door of her car and she had to be forcibly escorted inside the police station by three policewomen. Several YSRTP activists were also taken into custody by the SR Nagar Police as they were seen protesting when the police action.

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