Single Dose Of Vaccine Produces More Antibodies In COVID Survivors

 - Sakshi Post

A single dose of COVID-19 vaccine is effective for the coronavirus survivors. Those who have been infected with virus, their immune response after one dose of vaccine is likely to be even better than a never-infected person after two doses of vaccine. Antibodies will be produced three times more in a covid survivor after a single dose of vaccine.

Medical experts from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology - Dr D Nageswar Reddy, Dr Shashikala, Dr Shashidar, Dr Deepika, Dr Ravikanth, Dr Venkata Krishna, Dr Sadhana and Dr Pragathi conducted a study and found that antibodies will be produced more in a covid survivor, after one shot of vaccine. The paper was published in the International Journal Of Infectious Diseases. 

In the reasearch, medical staff from AIG were selected - 131 people from the hospital(79 men, 52 women) who have recovered from the coronavirus. The age group of men is in between 20-58 years and women are in between 19-58 years. Another 149 members who haven't tested positive for COVID-19 have been selected - 98 are men and 51 are women. Coronavirus vaccine was given to both the groups. 

The medical experts studied how antibodies are produced after giving one dose of coronavirus vaccine after one week. Antibodies didn't produce more in a normal person whereas more antibodies have been produced in a covid survivor. The level of antibodies has been checked by conducting Neutralising Antibodies S1 S2 test. The value has crossed 150 in those who haven't tested positive for COVID-19 whereas it crossed 450 in those who have recovered from coronavirus. According to the studies, T-cell memory would provide protection for 12 months in those who have recovered from coronavirus.

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