Schools, Colleges Reopen Today in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh And Other States

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After a very long gap of nearly ten months, the government of Telangana has decided to reopen the schools and colleges from today, February 1. Due to the dangerous coronavirus, schools have been shut. But, now the state government has taken all the measures so that there will not be any problems for the students. Regular classes will be conducted for Class IX, Class X, Intermediate, Degree and PG students from today. 

Orders have been passed stating that there should be only 20 students in each class room and there should be alternate day clases for Inter students (i.e) first year students will have classes on one day whereas second year students will have classes on the next day. There is no compulsion that every student should attend the class; they can also have online classes. Orders were issued to set up two isolation rooms in educational institutions.
Textbooks will be given to those who haven't recieve them. Afternoon lunch will also be provided to the students. Along with the regular classes, online classes will also continue.
Drinking water facilities, toilets, kitchen, isolation rooms have been arranged in all the schools. If any students displays COVID-19 symptoms, then they will be shifted to isolation room and tests will be conducted for the remaining students in the class. Face mask is mandatory and should use sanitizer to stay safe and secured. Hand wash, sanitizers, soaps and thermometers are available in schools. Arrangements were made in the schools such that a distance of six feet will be maintained between the students.

Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy said that parents of 60 per cent students have already given their consent to send their children to schools. The minister directed the authorities to conduct thermal screening for all the students and sanitize classrooms every day.

Not only the educational institutions in Telangana but also the schools and colleges in other states like Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Haryana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Jammu and Meghalaya are going to reopen from today, (February 1).

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