Saidabad Rape Case: Raju Had Criminal Background, Wife Demands Justice For Family and Daughter

Saidabad Rape Case: Raju Had Criminal Background, Wife Demands Justice For Family and Daughter - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Accused of the rape and murder of a minor child in Saidabad, Pallakonda Raju is said to have a criminal record on his name. As per reports, he was arrested in an auto trolley theft case at Chaitanyapuri police station. Police investigation also revealed that he also attempted to steal an auto while he was trying to flee last Friday in the LB Nagar area in the city limits.

On Friday afternoon of January 22nd this year, Mohammad Sajid, a resident of NTR Nagar, arrived at the Kotthapeta Fruit Market in his auto trolley along with a  driver. At around 1.30 pm, he parked the vehicle on the Fruit Market platform and went for prayers. After he came back the auto trolley was missing and he filed a complaint. Apparently, Chaitanyapuri police arrested Raju based on the victim's complaint and the CCTV footage near the area.

Raju who was on the run since last Thursday night, went to Yakutpura railway station the next day for labour work. After completing work he proceeded from there to LB Nagar with a co-worker. He is said to have lingered for some time near the auto stand near the Brandland Hotel and made an attempt to steal an auto parked there and tried to flee.

The driver who came there while Raju was trying to start the vehicle stopped him from stealing the vehicle and a brief altercation ensued. Raju is said to have slipped away from there and reached Uppal. The police who were tracking his movements after examining the feed recorded on several CCTV cameras got to know of this incident as part of the investigation. He was later found dead on the railway tracks near Warangal Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, Raju’s wife Mounika and mother Eeramma alleged that Raju was killed by the police but was made to look like a suicide. They said that the police should have caught and sent him to court. That way at least justice would have been meted out to the child's family, they said. Speaking to the media, the women lamented about their welfare and said that they had also been denied justice and demanded that they be supported by the government.

His mother Eeramma alleged that her son was killed by the police in a premeditated manner.  "While we were at the Saidabad police station in Hyderabad, I heard the police say that my son Raju had been arrested on Wednesday. But later after they let us off and we got the news about death on the next day,’’ she said. The child's kin demolished our son's house in Hyderabad. What about us, we have no place to go and we have no one to take care of us, the government must do justice, she lamented.

Raju’s wife, Mounika who has been staying at her mother's house for the past few weeks said that the police came from Hyderabad and took her, her mother-in-law, her daughter, and her husband. They asked us about Raju’s whereabouts and took us along to locate him. They also made us sign on certain papers and left us at 10 pm on Wednesday at Uppal Chowrasta in Hyderabad. From there we took a bus to Bhuvanagiri. Within hours the news came that my husband had committed suicide. She alleged that the police had killed her husband. Had he been arrested and produced before the court, he would have been punished if proven guilty, she said. " I have an 11- month old daughter. Who will take care of our welfare now," she questioned.

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