RGIA Hyderabad Customs Officials Seize Gold Hidden in Woman's Underwear

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Customs officials at Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport seized 1.48 kilograms gold worth Rs 72.80 lakh from 3 women passengers arriving from Dubai to Hyderabad on Tuesday. Customs officers stated that the gold was seized in three distinct incidents. 

Two of the passengers had hidden the gold within their underwear, while the third had hidden it in the rectum. Customs officials filed three cases of gold smuggling against the women, who landed on separate flights. They stated that more investigation is being undertaken. This is the latest in a string of gold smuggling events discovered at the airport in recent days.

On Sunday, officials found gold paste from a passenger who had hidden it in bandages wrapped to the calves of both legs. They recovered 970 grams of gold worth Rs 47.55 lakh from a male passenger from Sharjah. They were able to collect 442.6 grams of gold worth Rs 21.7 lakh from a passenger who came from Dubai on Monday. The gold, in the form of a paste, was hidden within a specially stitched pocket of the underwear.

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