Relief For Pradeep Machiraju As Victim Says He Is Not Involved In Rape Case

HYDERABAD: The Sensational sexual assault case involving 139 persons including celebrities in Hyderabad received a new sensational twist. The victim, who originally lodged a police complaint against her alleged abusers, on Monday caused flutters by stating that the celebrities named in the case have no involvement and that she had to incorporate their names under duress. Addressing the media at the Somajiguda Press Club here, she accused one ‘Dollar Boy’ of exerting undue pressure on her to include the names of film and television celebrities Pradeep Machiraju and Krishnudu.

“I had to add the names of some people under duress from Dollar Boy. I pleaded with him that I have no association whatsoever with some of these names. But, he threatened and forced me to add their names in the case. He threatened that he would eliminate my family. He put me through severe torture. Television anchor Pradeep and Tollywood actor Krishnudu have no involvement in this case,” the victim said.

“It’s an undenying fact that I have been sexually assaulted. But, there are no celebrities in this. Half of the harassment, I suffered outside while the other half, I suffered at the hands of Dollar Boy. I’m tendering my apologies to those who needlessly went through a harrowing time because of me. No other girl should go through what I have gone through. Like me, two other girls were trapped by Dollar Boy,” she went on to add.

With this, the entire case received a completely new twist with the focus shifting now towards the alleged blacksheep Dollar Boy. The city police, who have already filed a 42-page First Information Report (FIR) in the case, will have to redraw their investigation process in the wake of the new twist and allegations in the case. They may train their guns on the latest accused Dollar Boy and the extent of his role in the attempts to turn this into a case involving celebrities.

Meanwhile, several organizations including women’s groups, extended their support to the victim in her fight for justice. They vowed to throw their weight behind her until she receives justice in the case. Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) torchbearer Manda Krishna Magida and Progressive Organisation for Women (POW) leader Padma were among those present at the victim’s press meet.

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