Reliance Jio Telangana Celebrates the 51st National Safety Week

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Hyderabad: Reliance Jio, Telangana is celebrating the 51st National Safety Week across all its work locations in the State. The week-long campaign, being conducted by Jio from March 4 to 10 with the participation of its employees and contractors is aimed at renewing the commitment to work safely throughout the year and integrating Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) awareness and compliance into its culture and workforce.

As a part of Safety Week, various safety awareness activities and competitions are being organized at all worksites across the State. The activities being organized include special demonstration sessions and mock-drill training on safe handling of construction materials, machinery, and equipment for workers.

The team members at Jio Telangana across the State have taken a pledge to raise awareness and commitment to the safety protocols that need to be followed to prevent accidents and mishaps at workplaces. 

With earnest enthusiasm, JIO- Telangana came forward to welcome and put in practice this year’s safety theme  ”Nurture Young Minds, Develop Safety Culture” across the state through the implementation of strict safety rules and regulatory acts.

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One of the objectives at JIO is to inspire workers and create an interactive session with active participation by creating competition among the workforce. 

Moreover, safety awareness sessions with speeches by the teams of Network, Operation and Maintenance, and HSE teams, flag hoisting, safety pledge, safety badge, banner, and poster displays, and safety awareness flag marches are also being conducted.

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