Regulagudem Nurse Walks 10 Km To Give Polio Drops To 35 Children

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Regulagudem woman walks 10 kilometers through the forest to give polio drops to children.

Officials and locals thank Gnaneshwari.

Regulagudem: A woman named Gnaneshwari from Regulagudem Village; Jayashankar Bhupalpally District of Mahamutharam Mandal walked 10 km in the forest on Tuesday and gave polio drops to 35 children.

Regulagudem is dense forest land. There are no proper roads for traveling to and fro available in these parts. The only way to travel is on foot there. However, one needs to be very careful in these parts of the land, as wild animals may attack at any point. But for the sake of 35 infant's polio drops vaccination, Gnaneshwari braved the situation and traveled through this area. She traveled for about 10 kilometers alone on foot for getting the polio vaccinations administered to the children of her village. All the locals and officials praised her for her efforts.

Going into details Gnaneshwari serves as the second ANM in Jayashankar Bhupalpally District, Regulagudem Village of Mahamutharam Mandal. On Sunday, Pulse Polio Centers were set up for the children but many children could not get to it. On Tuesday, Gnaneshwari was tasked with giving the polio drops to children at their homes by her superiors.

With this, she had to go to Maddamadugu traveling on foot through the forest area. Gnaneshwari walked about 10 km alone and administered polio drops to 35 children as no family members, including her husband, were available at the time to take her there. By the time she finished her work her husband had arrived on the bike there to pick her up and she could travel back home safely. Village locals and paramedics lauded Gnaneshwari for her hard work of administering polio vaccination to children by traveling so far.

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