Rajasthan Lawyer Dies in Road Mishap Near Karimnagar Toll Plaza

 - Sakshi Post

A Rajasthan-based lawyer died in an accident in the Karimnagar district. The accident occurred near Toll plaza on July 20. The lawyer died on spot. His car smashed into a truck that was parked near the Renikunta village.

This happened when the lawyer was riding to reach the court in Hyderabad. There was another man as well in the taxi.  The victim Rajesh Kumar, was riding from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to the court when this happened.

Near the Renikunta village, the car suddenly hit a truck that was parked. Since the taxi was at high speed, the impact was more. Fortunately, the driver and another man survived and are being treated for their injuries, but the lawyer died. His body was taken to the Karimnagar Government hospital.

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