Raid On Hyderabad Kite Shops Selling Chinese Manja

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HYDERABAD: On a tip of information received by a credible source, Commissioner's Task Force, South Zone inspector Sri.S.Raghavendra and his team raided three Kites selling shops at multiple locations. These shops were located in different areas. One was at Gulzar House and two other shops at Macca Colony, Kalapather.

The Kalapather and Mirchowk Police were also part of the raid. The team apprehended four persons and seized the banned manja. These shops were selling the Chinese manja.

The Chinese manja is banned in the state due to the risk of it being too sharp. Possession of the banned (59) NOs. of Synthetic nylon coated threads (Chinese Manja) is strictly prohibited.

The detained persons along with seized property were handed over to Kalapather and Mirchowk police for further action.

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Earlier similar raids took place at a shop in Aryasamaj, Hyderabad. They detained one person named, Rakesh Singh (34).

Inspector of Police, G.Ranaveer Reddy requested the General public not to purchase and entertain this harmful Chinese Manja during this Sankranthi Festival as it is likely to cause grievous injury and inconvenience to animals including birds as well as human beings. 

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