Chaitanya, Fake Nephew Of Singer Sunitha, Cheated Her Fan Of Rs 1.70 Crore

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The Telangana police have recently arrested an imposter named Chaitanya who was claiming to be Tollywood singer Sunitha's nephew with the intention of collecting money from gullible people. Just as the playback celebrity suspected, Chaitanya had already cheated another woman in her name. A woman has approached the cops recently claiming to have been financially cheated by the same person. After the episode was publicised in the media, the woman has lodged a complaint with the Rachakonda cyber crime police against chaitanya. Following the complaint the police found that Chaitnya had defrauded the woman of a whopping Rs 1.70 crore.

According to the police, the victim, a resident of Kothapet, is a huge fan of singer Sunitha. Exploiting this, Chaitanya hatched a plan to cheat the woman and squeeze the money out of her. He tricked her into believing that he is the nephew of the popular playback singer and gave a WhatsApp number to the her, claiming it as the number of Sunitha.

A few days later, Chaitnaya had asked the woman to become a member of 'Ananda Cherlayam Trust' in Kerala by paying Rs 50,000 to a bank account which he had shared with her. Believing him blindly, the woman transferred the money to the account. He did not stop with that and kept on collecting money from the victim on several occasions totalling Rs 1.7 crore. He fooled her by making her believe that he was selling his lands in the US and soon would repay the money to her.

The woman told the police that she used to get photos of singer Sunitha from the WhatsApp number given by Chaitanya. "But I never received any video call from the same WhatsApp number," the victim said. Suspecting Chaitanya, the victim lodged a complaint with the Rachakonda police. The police have registered a case against Chaitanya and a few others before diggin deep into their investigation.

The world came to know about Chaitanya and his fraudulent activities a few days ago when singer Sunitha came up with a Facebook live video alerting netizens and her followers not to trust anyone who seeks money using her name. She appealed to her fans not to be deceived by Chaitanya who was posing himself as her nephew to fraudulently collect money from innocent people. Unable to contain her anger in the video, she even threatened to "knock off his teeth if ever she came across this con man."

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