People Made Fun of My Nose: KCR

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HYDERABAD: TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’ who is known to have a sardonic sense of humour, once again left the audience in splits while talking about how people made fun of his nose.

Addressing a gathering after formally welcoming former TPCC secretary Padi Koushik Reddy into the party fold at Telangana Bhavan here on Wednesday, the TRS Chief recalled that during the Telangana movement, he was underestimated and ridiculed for his body parts. He said that he was the most abused person during that point in time.  "One said that KCR's nose was not good …his rear end was not good …, another said that if KCR went to the toilet whether he could smell ‘it’ or not,” the TRS Chief said. This sent everyone into peals of laughter including the media reporters and even his security guards behind him were seen smiling behind their masks.

But I wasn’t scared and neither did my journey stop, he continued. I moved on and persisted with the movement no matter what, and in the end, Telangana Statehood came which they saw with their own eyes, he said with his usual wry sense of style.

The TRS Chief further said that leaders like Kaushik Reddy have a bright future in the party. He also recalled his association with Kaushik’s father Sainath Reddy who worked with him in the statehood movement. Interestingly he said that Koushik’s role would not be limited to the Huzurabad Assembly constituency alone and that he had a bigger role to play at the State level, KCR said.

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