People Leave Villages To Save Themselves From COVID-19

 - Sakshi Post

Despite proximity to the state capital of Hyderabad and despite the sprouting of various seats of higher learning, superstition continues to rule the roost in the neighbouring villages. In Bibipet village of Kamareddy mandal, which is barely two hours from Hyderabad, a whole village wore a deserted look to stave off Covid 19.

To propitiate the Corona God, the people of village  had left the village early in the morning and stayed deep in the jungles for the whole day. They returned only after the dusk. The villagers performed special poojas to the accompaniment of traditional music and then went out of the village in a procession singing and dancing. Later, they spent the whole day in the jungles and returned only after the sunset. The villagers believe that such practices can help them fight off Covid virus.

Not just Bibipet, but several other villages in Kamareddy mandal have organised this strange ritual and performed special village-abandonment ritual.

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