Panic-stricken Public Throng COVID Testing Centres in Telangana

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Public health officials have asked people of Telangana not to unnecessarily rush for Covid tests if they don't have symptoms. They explained that as a large number of panic stricken healthy individuals were flocking to PHCs for testing, the deserving candidates who need to be tested are unable to avail the facility.

The medical officers were issued orders to ensure persons with symptoms get access to testing kits and make sure they screen the individuals for symptoms of Covid-19 before conducting Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT).

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Officials pointed out instances where individuals got tested thrice in just one week. They stated that 'people must also realise that they are exposing themselves to infections by turning up in large numbers at the testing centres.'

In order to avoid testing centres turning into breeding grounds for infections, people have been asked to visit testing centres only if they experience any symptoms.

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Due to the second wave of Corona, the cost of rapid antigen kits has gone up to Rs 80- Rs 90 per kit in the last few months, said the senior doctors. Even if States are ready to purchase testing kits, due to heavy demand across the country, the availability of the rapid testing kits has slowed down.

“There is a definite need for rational use of Covid testing kits during the pandemic. People should ensure they undergo tests only if they develop symptoms. They should not panic and unnecessarily rush to testing centres,” a senior health official said.

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