Panic Among Telangana TDP Leaders Over CBCID Raids

 - Sakshi Post

Hitherto, the TDP leaders in Telangana were complacent that since the party is both out of sight and out of power, their acts of omission and commission would be forgotten and forgiven. But, things are not as cool as they thought they would be. The long arm of law is catching up with them and they are now being made to face the music for their corrupt practices.

TDP biggie and former APCO chairperson Gujjala Srinivas is now said to be cowering in fear. The officials have recently raided his home and offices and recovered huge amounts of unaccounted assets. The officials have raided his houses and godowns in Erraguntla and Khazipet on Sunday. He is accused of forming fake handloom societies and gobbling up money. The CBCID officials also raided the residences of Srinivas’s followers Kondaiah, Mallikarjuna and Sriramulu.. Several documents have also been seized.

These raids have thrown the TDP leaders in Telangana into a tizzy. They now fear that the skeletons would tumble out of their cupboards and the TRS government could take them to task. They are now trying to approach powerful people to bail themselves out of these cases.

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