Not Threatened By Threats of Arrests, Cases: Huzurabad MLA Etela

 - Sakshi Post

It is no news that former Telangana Health Minister Etela Rajender was dropped from the council of ministers over allegations of grabbing few acres of assigned lands in Achampet and Hakimpet of Medak district. A day after KCR's decision, Etela hit back at the Chief Minister of Telangana and stated that KCR was using all his power to target him and he was not the one to take things lying down.

He further stated that he was not scared by threats of arrests and cases. Etela added that KCR has deployed several policemen around his house.
Etela said, "I am not scared by threats of arrests and cases. You have deployed hundreds of policemen around my house. Book whatever case you want to against me. I will approach the court for justice."

In a press conference, Etela demanded to know if the link road to KCR's farmhouse in Erravelli was not laid illegally through assigned and private lands. He further added that his self respect is of prime importance and that he would not step back from even quitting his MLA post. However, he said that before taking a decision, he would seek the opinion of people in his Huzurabad constituency.

He demanded an inquiry into his assets by a sitting judge and any other central institution but not by the agencies that are working under the Chief Minister. He said that he was ready to die, forego all his wealth but would not give up his self-respect.

He claimed that Telagana Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao never treated the ministers or MLAs as human beings yet they continue to be with him. He stressed on the point that they knew how he treated those who raised their voice against him.

He denied all the allegations of land grabbing in Achampet and Hakimpet villages of Medak district and said that he was not given any notices and was not asked to offer any clarification before conducting an investigation. He said that he will initiate a legal action on the inquiry report.

He said that there are so many lies in the inquiry report made by the officials and added that he was not the director of Jamuna Hatcheries which was run by his wife and son. He further added that he had no plans to float a new political party.

Etela stressed on the point that  he never had an intention to bring bad name to either the TRS party or Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. He always worked for the welfare of the people and always supported KCR in his deeds, he added. He asserted that today KCR is using all his power against a small man like him and said that he is ready to go to jail but won't give up on his self respect.

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