No New PCC Chief For Telangana This Year?

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The hopes of all Telangana PCC chief post aspirants have all been dashed again. A new PCC chief’s appointment may very easily take another seven to eight months. This is what Congress MLA Turpu Jagga Reddy says.

Speaking in Hyderabad on Wednesday evening, he said that the new PCC chiefs can be appointed for various states only after the appointment of the AICC chief. For this, the plenary of the party has to be called. This could take at least six to seven months. So, the PCC chiefs can be appointed only after that, he said. Thus, Uttam Kumar Reddy would remain the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief for at least another seven months, he added. Several Telangana Congress leaders have been trying to get appointed as the PCC chief. They have been lobbying with several top leaders in Delhi.

Incumbent PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has already indicated to the party high command that he would relinquish the post. But, the high commnd had asked him to stay in the post till an alternative arrangement could be made. But, the election has been getting postponed on some pretext or the other for over the past year-and-a-half. Now with Jagga Reddy’s clarification, it appear’s certain that the PCC could have a new chief only next year.

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