Nizamabad MP Arvind Bears The Brunt of Centre's U-turn on Telangana Turmeric Board

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On Tuesday, the Union government clarified that a separate turmeric board would not be set up in Nizamabad as the existing spices board was already handling 50 spices including turmeric. After this announcement, Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind was criticised severely on social media.

TRS leader Krishan tweeted saying, “No Turmeric Board - BJP. NO ITIR Project - BJP. No Rail Coach Factory - BJP. No Medical College - BJP . No National Status for Irrigation Project - BJP. No Vote to BJP Round.” Here is the tweet.

Most of the netizens started using the hashtag #CheaterArvind on Twitter and tweeted against Arvind stating that he had failed to fulfill his poll promises. Many farmers have been protesting against the centre's decision. Farmers in Nizamabad asked had Arvind to support the farmers' agitation for a turmeric board by resigning from his MP post.

Arvind in a tweet claimed that farmers have been benefited from the spices board. He targeted KR Suresh Reddy, who raised question on the turmeric board in the Rajya Sabha and tweeted, "Surprised to see Mr.Suresh Reddy, Rajyasabha MP (TRS) still alive politically! For his unawareness on current affairs & amnesia on his previous party, Congress’s disasters in establishing the Spice Board,a small video to enlighten him!" Here is the tweet posted by Arvind.

Here are some of the tweets for hashtag #CheaterArvind.

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