Netizens Remember Komaram Bheem On His Birth Anniversary

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On the occasion of tribal leader Komaram Bheem's birth anniversary, netizens are remembering the fighter. Komaram Bheem was a rebel leader in British India from the Gond community. He joined his hands with other Gond leaders and communist revolutionaries and led a protracted low-intensity rebellion against the feudal Nizamate of Hyderabad and the British Raj in the eastern part of the princely state during the 1930s.

He fought for the equal rights and freedom of the Tribals of Telangana. Komaram Bheem was killed by armed policemen in 1940. His life was inspirational to others as he sacrificed his life for the well-being of downtrodden tribals. 

Komaram Bheem was born in Sankepalli, near Adilabad to a family in the Gondi tribal community. He grew up in the tribal populated forests within the traditional kingdoms of Chanda and Ballalpur. He had no formal education and kept moving from one place to another throughout his life as the Gondi people were becoming increasingly victimized by exploitation from zamindars.

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