Netizens Demand Arrest Of Telangana Man For Hanging Monkey, Posting Its Video

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KHAMMAM: Netizens are demanding the arrest of a Khammam man for hanging a monkey and posting its video on social media on Monday. This brutal act exposing cruelty of humans against animals comes close on the heels of the recent horrific incident in Palakkad district of Kerala where insensitive villagers fed a pregnant elephant with a pineapple filled with firecrackers leading to its death in Kerala. The latest incident took place in Telangana's Khamma district.

The video of the latest incident, which went viral on social media, showed a monkey being hanged from a tree with a rope in Vensupalam village of Khammam district. The monkey was seen struggling for life even as it was filmed by the person who was believed to have uploaded it on social media. According to information, the poor creature was subjected to the torture for a few hours and it was left to die.

The man was reportedly was irritated by the invasion of a troop of monkeys which stormed the village. He caught hold of one of them when it fell into a water tub. He hanged the monkey to a tree, where the animal struggled for hours to take a breath and died.

According to reports, the man resorted to this henious act to serve as a deterrent for other monkeys and scare them away.

The man has not only hanged the monkey but has also taken a video of this nasty act before posting it on social media. While he went on filming the gory act, another person was also seen deriving sadistic pleasure from the monkey's excruciating struggle for life. But in contrast to this, two dogs were seen trying to save the monkey from what turned out to be an inevitable death.
After the video went viral, forest officials have apprehended three villagers in connection with the barbaric act. An investigation into the case has been initiated.

All the three accused admitted their complicity in the offence based on which a case was being registered against them under Wildlife Protection Act, said Sathupalli Forest Range Officer A Venkateswarlu.

For the netizens, the incident quickly reminded them of the horrific killing of a pregnant elephant in Palakkad district of Kerala a few weeks back. In a similar incident of cruelty displayed by insensitive humans against animals, a pregnant wild elephant in Kerala's Silent Valley National Park (SVNP), Palakkad, was fed with a pineapple laden with firecrackers on May 27. The crackers exploded in the mouth when the unwary elephant chewed the fruit used as a bait. After suffering severe injury in its jaw, the elephant went into the middle of a lake where it breathed its last.

The incident sparked nationwide acrimony with wild life activists and general public demanding the arrest of the perpetrators of the mischief and calling for humane treatment of wild animals. As the incident hogged headlines all over the world, the Kerala government subsequently ordered a probe into the incident and a case was also registered.

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