Nagarkurnool: Rag Picker Gets Trapped in A Car, Dies of Suffocation

 - Sakshi Post

A minor girl died of suffocation after getting trapped in a car in Nagarkurnool on Saturday. The victim was a rag picker and got into the car for no reason. The car door got locked and she was unable to open the door. She tried to break the car window glass, in vain. Later, the minor girl is said to have felt suffocated and breathed her last the car itself. The incident came to light after the owner approached the car, which was stinking. 

The Nagarkurnool police said, "The girl is a rag picker and got into the car normally. After getting into the car, she pulled the door closed, locking it accidentally. Later, she was unable to get out of the car and died of suffocation." The car owner opened the door and found a girl's body lying motionless. He informed the police immediately. Police examined the nearby CCTV and saw that the girl got into the car and eventually got trapped.

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