Movie Ticket Sales: Case Filed Against INOX and BookMyShow For Violating GO No 47

Hyderabad: FIR Filed Against Book My Show and INOX For Selling 100pc Tickets Online - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A case was filed in the Sultan Bazaar Police station against online ticketing service portal BookMyShow and movie theatre chain INOX’s management for violating the Government rule that said only 50% of movie tickets can be sold online. The complaint was filed by Vijay Gopal, an RTA activist from Hyderabad.

As per the complaint, the rule mentioned in GO 47 of 2006 stated that 50% of the tickets should be reserved for sale by the cinema licensee in the licensed booking office at the cinema theatre. It was alleged that there was a nexus between BookMyShow and multiplexes or theatres by selling all tickets online, collecting unreasonably high convenience fees of around Rs. 35-40, and sharing it between them. 

"They are making unreasonable profits and it is also a violation of the law. Also, it is an additional financial burden on people who do not wish to buy a ticket online," Vijay stated.

After filing the complaint thrice the case since last year November, it was finally considered by the police and a case was registered against BookMyShow and Inox management on 26 March. This also brings to light that not many people are aware of such transactions or the GO pertaining to the online sale of tickets in the city.

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