MLC Aspirants Told To Reach Membership Targets

 - Sakshi Post

Telangana Congress affairs incharge Manickam Tagore is proving that he is made of a different mettle. His approach to any issue is slightly different. He is putting inconvenient questions to the seniors and is telling that one is as good as one’s last achievement.

With the demand for graduates and teachers MLC seat growing and there being many claimants, Manickam Tagore has said that the application of a candidate would be considered only if they make a specific number of people members of the party. He has fixed targets for the leaders. Only when they achieve the target, will their application be considered.

There is a great demand for the Graduate and Teachers MLC in the Congress Party especially after it became clear that the graduates, the educated class and the teachers are deeply unhappy with the TRS. The ruling TRS could win only one seat in this category and did not chose to contest from the other seats. The TRS so far had backed only independent candidates and even then most of them have lost. Hence the Congress leaders are smelling success in these MLC seats and want to contest for them.

However, Manickam Tagore has fixed that they must make a particular number of members in the party to become eligible to ask for a ticket. Many seniors, accustomed to lobbying and canvassing, are understandably livid and are deeply unhappy. But, Tagore seems to be unmoved.

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