Minor Drivers in Hyderabad on The Rise, 100 Cases Booked

 - Sakshi Post

In India, it is illegal for a boy or a girl who is under the age of 18 to ride a bike or drive a car. If a person is found in violation of the law, they may be punished or fined.

"A minor is not at all eligible to drive or ride a vehicle, and the definition of a minor according to Indian law is a person below the age of 18. There were instances earlier also wherein minors were booked for driving without a driving licence. But, ever since the lockdown, the number of minors driving have gone high, and also the accidents committed by them," media quoted a police officer as saying over violations of traffic rules in the city.
The official also stated that to ensure that minors do not harm themselves or others, awareness campaigns would be carried out in a variety of locations. Local police stations have also been tasked with the responsibility of conducting programmes for parents and their minor children to educate them on the dangers of young drivers.

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