Meager Resources, Introducing Dalit Bandhu For Electoral Gains

 - Sakshi Post

Forum for Good Governance has sent a representation to the Chief Election Commissioner of India urging him to issue a notification to the Telangana state government to postpone the Dalit Bandhu scheme in the Huzurabad constituency till the bypoll is completed. 

FGG Secretary M Padmanabha Reddy said that “Due to many reasons,  Huzurabad bypoll has become a matter of prestige for the ruling TRS Party and it is said that the result of this by-election is going to have an impact on the next assembly elections."

He further added that as a part of the Dalit Bandhu scheme, 100 Dalit families in every Assembly constituency will be given financial assistance of Rs. 10 lakh. So, a total of Rs. 10 crore will be spent on each Assembly constituency and Rs. 1,190 crore is required for all the states of Telangana. KCR said that he is going to extend the scheme to 10,000 families in Huzurabad by spending Rs. 1,000 crore."

He said that the Telangana state government can't implement all these schemes with its meager resources. The schemes are good but the question arises, what is the purpose of introducing the schemes just before the by-election.

The ECI has to take action against KCR's announcement and should realise that the scheme is being implemented for a purpose that is against the spirit of the constitution, he added. The FGG Secretary also mentioned that the specific guidelines regarding the selection of beneficiaries were not announced so far.

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