Mancherial Villagers Suffer Breathing Ailments Due to Pollution Caused By Manufacturing Units

 - Sakshi Post

MANCHERIAL: Pulimadugu and Koteshwaraopalli residents in Mandamarri Mandal have expressed their concerns over the increase of air pollution caused by ceramic pipe companies, rice mills, and a paper-manufacturing unit located nearby. Both villages are located on either side of the Mancherial-Asifabad State highway, about 12 kilometers away from the Mancherial district center.

Many of the people suffering are tribals and weaker sections, who are facing breathing problems due to the dust raised by the mining of coal in the opencast projects and the emission by vehicles. In the two villages, elder people and children are diagnosed with chest pain, cough, asthma, difficulty in breathing, allergies by inhaling the air, which is polluted by toxic gases released by pipe producing firms, parboiled rice mills, and the paper-manufacturing unit.

One of the residents said that they have requested the management of ceramic pipe, rice mills, and paper manufacturers several times to take steps for reducing the emissions, but they paid no heed.
The occupants have requested the industries to reduce the gases that they are releasing but the organizations were showing their carelessness toward the residents.

The two villages contain about 1,000 families, where Pulimadugu is populated by around 2,000, and Koteshwaraopalli has a population of 800 people. Most of them earn their living through farming and daily wages. (Inputs From Telangana Today) 

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