Mancherial Siblings Reunion After 27 Years, Thanks to Facebook

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Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram have helped many people to catch up with their childhood friends, relatives and families. Believe it or not, now the popular social networking site, Facebook, has helped reunite three siblings after 27-year separation. 

After identifying one of his elder brothers Laxman and Guruvaiah on Facebook, Adepu Satheesh was able to meet them. He and his eldest brother Guruvaiah were reunited with their sibling Laxman in Namnur village, Hajipur mandal.

Guruvaiah, Laxman, and Satheesh and Ramya, were born to Adepu Shankaraiah and his wife Shankaramma of Namnur. In 1994, the couple passed away. Their children were later orphaned, and relatives were forced to care for them. Over time, relatives chose to live in different parts of the state.

Guruvaiah, the eldest of the siblings, had to leave his relative's because he couldn't stand their harassment and worked as a chef in Warangal and Hanmakonda. His two brothers, Laxman and Satheesh, were sheltered by relatives in Namnur. Satheesh later moved to Hyderabad and worked as a software engineer.

On the social networking site, Satheesh began his search for his eldest brother by typing in his surname. He was amazed when he came across Guruvaiah's profile and later confirmed that it was his sibling who had been missing for over 20 years. He called Guruvaiah and confirmed that it was his eldest brother on the other end of the line.

The software engineer, his two brothers, and their sister gathered at their hometown in a festive mood, reminiscing about their childhood and exchanging pleasantries. “We are elated to reunite after a gap of 27 years. The credit goes to Facebook. We will be thankful to the site for helping us in connecting to our sibling after a quite long time,” Satheesh told ‘Telangana Today.’  

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